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To know us better

Our experience in SilicOne silicon rubber for addition and condensation allows us to develop solutions able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We serve a wide range of industries that use our silicone rubber, including molds, rapid prototyping, jewelry, ceramics, construction and special film effects.
Our product know-how allows us to identify the best possible solutions and select the most suitable products, regardless of the application.
ToolingOne, our acrylic casting resin, is a product that finds many applications, you can make details of modeling, architecture, decorative, artistic reproductions, sculptures, scenography and settings.
We are also a company dedicated to the development and innovation, design and construction of high quality components and equipment for the composite market. In particular, vacuum containers such as degasers for silicones and resins, and resin traps for the processes of infusion of the resin under vacuum.
We offer complete solutions with equipment and materials.


A wide range of products

We combine our high technical skills with a wide range of products, in addition to Vacuum DEGASSING, RESIN TRAP e VACUUM PUMP

Dedicated consulting

We offer a consulting service dedicated to the purchase of all consumable materials for the processes of resins infusion and autoclave molding.


Thanks to the collaboration with some of the most important manufacturers / distributors, we can advise you and follow you in choosing the best material in terms of quality and price.


We assure you a high quality production and a very reliable partner.

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