Christmas Box

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Christmas Box

The Christmas Box is a fantastic gift for handmade lovers!
With our Christmas Box you can create fantastic DIY Christmas decorations. Inside you will find the S21KPC casting silicon that you can use to create silicone molds, and the ToolingOne acrylic casting resin to make the decorations.

Following the tutorials on our blog, you will discover that it is easy and fun to create a silicone mold.
Thanks to its remarkable precision in reproduction, the S21KPC silicone will allow you to create a mold that is extremely faithful to the original.
With this mold you can duplicate your creations countless times, always maintaining the same quality.

With the ToolingOne acrylic casting resin, you will make your own handmade Christmas decorations.
The base color of ToolingOne casting resin is ivory white. You can then decorate your creations with bows and ribbons, or have fun coloring them with acrylic paints or varnishes, or with pigments, which you will find in the Gold version.
You can use the silicone mold in the Christmas Box, or create one with Silicone, or buy silicone molds directly online.

As a gift you will also have a pack of magnets, to create fantastic Christmas magnets!
Buy the Christmas Box and free your creativity!

Christmas Box is available in two versions:

– 500 g of SilicOne S21KPC
– 1,500 g of ToolingOne acrylic resin
– 2 Christmas molds in SilicOne
– magnets

– 500 g of SilicOne S21KPC
– 1,500 g of ToolingOne acrylic resin
– 2 pigments
– 3 Christmas molds in SilicOne
– magnets

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