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KIT Vacuum degassing VDP02

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KIT Vacuum degassing

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Product Description

KIT VDP02 is a vacuum degassing system, supplied with a 42 l / m vacuum pump and a Vacuum Degassing chamber 2 lt, designed to offer maximum performance and reliability in professional or industrial applications.

The vacuum degassing process aims to eliminate micro-bubbles and moisture in the resins, silicones, gypsum and in any case from all the fluids that must subsequently solidify from the fluids.

The VDP02 KIT combines in one solution a 42-liter vacuum pump with a single-stage suction system that makes it a unique and specific product for professional processing of composite materials and in the vacuum degassing process and a transparent polycarbonate container for 2 liters equipped with vacuum gauge and vacuum regulation valve connected to each other by a silicone tube.


Intake capacity: 42 l/m
Final vacuum: 2 PA
Power: 1/4 HP
Power supply: 220 V – 50Hz
Oil capacity: 200 ml
Maximum dimensions: L 260 X P 125 h 260 (mm)
Weight: 5,4 Kg


Total diameter: 140 mm
Total height:
370 mm
Chamber inner diameter:
108 mm
Chamber height:
220 mm
Total volume:
2,014 litres
Kg 1,120
Recommended working capacity:
Resins 1,0 litre
Recommended working capacity:
Silicones 0,5 litres
Housing material:
Maximum operating temperature:
90°C -194°F
Final connector:
Hose tail fitting male threaded

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