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Tooling One (A+B)

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Casting acrylic resin 1,5 Kg

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Product Description

Tooling One is a high quality 2-component system: a liquid acrylic polymer and a mineral in powder form. It is suitable for use in casting and in silicone rubber moulds or in combination with different materials such as foam Polystyrene.

Tooling One is a technologically advanced solution, ideal for use in different applications, such as industry, construction, scenic design and decoration.
Thanks to the use of Tooling One, prototyping parts and architecture or decoration elements as well as details of artistic reproductions, sculptures, scenic designs and sceneries can be easily reproduced.

Colour Part A:  White
Colour Part B: White
Mix ratio: powder 2:1 acrylic resin
Density (wet) 1.75 kg / dm3
Density (dry) 1.66 kg / dm3
Processing time 20 minutes
Extraction time 60 minutes
Shelf – life 1 year if stored sealed
Shore 85º Shore D
Expansion when curing < 0.6 %.

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