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SilicOne S27K PCP

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Casting siliconic rubber + accelerator

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Product Description

Casting Siliconic Rubber in paste + accelerator

SilicOne S27K PCP


S27K PCP, is a high quality 2-component addition cure silicone RTV rubber vulcanising at room temperature. It is designed for applications where very accurate dimensional reproduction of prototype parts that interconnect is required.
Vulcanised products are ideal for the use of epoxy, UP, PU and acrylic resins, concretes and gypsum.

Accurate dimensional reproduction and stability as well as high mechanical resistance make silicone rubber S27K PCP ideal for the production of prototypes and moulds.
Its incredibly low shrinkage and high dimensional stability make S27K PCP suitable for artistic ceramics, ceramic silk-screen printing, jeweller’s craft and concrete moulding.
S27K PCP silicone rubber is compatible with most epoxy, PU and acrylic resins, gypsum and concrete.

The silicone rubber S27K PCP is a silicone rubber in paste, pliable or stucco. Thanks to the remarkable precision in reproduction it is particularly suitable for the realization of vertical casts (rosettes, capitals, details of furniture or frames).
S27K PCP silicone rubber is compatible with most Epoxy, Polyurethane, Acrylic resins.


Colour Part A: Grey
Colour Catalyst: Yellow
Mix ratio: 4%
Mix time at 23° C (73° F): 1′
Processing time at 23° C (73° F): 15′
Cure time 23° C (73° F): 80′
Shore A value after 24 hours: 27 +/- 3 ShA

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